"The road to business success can only be achieved through people that are professionally, personally and emotionally supported"

Fiona Lindsay | Director of Lindsay & Lang


Practical. collaborative. structured.

I love the fact that what I do makes a difference.

When Louise and I first shared our journeys, we quickly realised that we had both experienced the opposite within the workplace.  It was not long before we decided to pull together a platform of opportunity for everyone to experience Whole Person Management. Combining the perfect marriage between Human Resources and Internal Communications, along with our personal experiences, professional credentials, and a desire for change, we established Lindsay & Lang.

I am incredibly passionate about effective and engaging communication, and engaging and effectively communicating, whether one-to-one or one to many. I have seen and experienced the impact of poor communication and the influence this has on mental health.

Along with my professional and wellbeing experiences, I bring a unique insight and perspective to our clients. I get such a sense of pride taking a communication or engagement challenge and nurturing it from conception to creation and onto completion (never as easy as it sounds). Whether it is developing and implementing an integrated internal communication strategy or a complex change and engagement project, this is what I love to do.

I am a qualified Internal Communication professional, Melcrum Black Belt (Partner) Internal Communications, Mental Health Instructor and First Aider for Mental Health.

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