“In times of crisis and uncertainty, employees are looking for empathy, trust, vulnerability, dialogue and authenticity.”

Louise Jenkins-Lang | Director of Lindsay & Lang


Reliable. collaborative. logical.

I live with and manage a mental health condition every day.  I speak openly, passionately, and confidently about what that means for me with no sense of stigma and a great sense of pride.

I have witnessed the power of an enabling and supportive Leader within an organisation when supporting whole person management.  The positive impact of open culture and being true to myself helped with acceptance and successful management of my condition. I was given the tools to develop and grow in my role, supported through meaningful conversations with leaders and my colleagues, and had the confidence that the organisation had my wellbeing at its core.  

This is where Lindsay & Lang was born.  I feel passionately that everyone should experience this, an open culture free from stigma enabling all individuals to thrive in the workplace regardless.  For me, this is achieved through inspirational and transformational leadership to provide a great employee experience. 

Along with my professional and wellbeing experiences, I bring a unique insight and perspective to our clients.  I have a drive to support wellbeing at the heart of an organisation, where a more engaged and productive workforce enhances business performance.

I get a great sense of fulfilment from influencing decisions, finding pragmatic solutions, and making a difference to individuals, teams and leadership through strong professional relationships.  I am passionate about coaching and supporting my own and others’ personal and professional development, complementing my skills and competencies whilst enriching my professional capabilities and life.

I am a qualified Human Resources Management professional, Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, Lumina Learning Practitioner, Workplace Mediator, First Aid for Mental Health Instructor and First Aider for Mental Health (NHS & FAA).

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